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Monthly Quiz

A spiritually centered quiz on the mind, body, soul connection available for you!

Soul Purpose

Use this 7 step guide to start living a life in alignment and find what your soul is asking you to call into your life.

Gratitude 30

Gratitude is a powerful practice that should be incorporated into your daily routine!  Try out this 30 day challenge of easy gratitude practices!

Spiritual Support Group

A free monthly spiritual support group co-hosted with Silvia Sisson, www.silviasisson.com.

Chakra Balance

Feeling out of alignment and can't figure out why? It might be because one of your chakras is blocked.  Enjoy this chakra balance meditation.

Mindful 30

Mindfulness allows you to begin to quiet the mind and meet your soul. Use this creative 30 day challenge to begin the journey inward. 


Music is a powerful tool towards raising your vibe and activating healing. Try listening to our empowerment, raise your vibe, or sound healing playlist.

Life Purpose Meditation

Searching for your life purpose? Try this 30 minute NLP meditation that is sure to guide you towards your purpose.