Why Group Containers?

Group Containers offer a magnetic experience including support from fellow journeying women, accountability, energetic expansion, accelerated growth, soul tribe vibes, and two coaches and double the expanders. 


What does it mean to be embodied?

Living as an embodied soul means that you are living as your highest expression. You have integrated all parts of your physical being and your spiritual wisdom to form a bond of sacred wholeness. Your authenticity becomes a magnet for that which your soul is seeking and you live your life expressing your purpose.

Is this calling you?

This group container is for the woman who is ready to connect with her deepest truths, love the totality of who she is, create beautiful sustained change in her life, flow throughout life unbothered, live aligned AF, embody her highest self, and be supported by a tribe of magnetic women in her spiritual expansion.


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Erica's Testimonial

"To express how The Embodied Soul coaching container has changed my life would take quite some time : ). We are only halfway through and I already feel connected to myself and to these women in a way that I haven't felt before in my 48 years. I signed up for some deep self-work and what I am getting is so damn much more- sharing the goal of growth of like-minded souls in this way is pure magic!"

Marlo's Testimonial

"Kim & Tara's coaching container was exactly what I had been looking for for so long. The way these amazing women hold space for you is truly beautiful. Since working with Kim & Tara, I have started to notice things start to shift within myself. From my limiting beliefs, to feeling more aligned & just an overall sense of happiness & peace. They do an incredible job of supporting you, guiding you, and holding you to your highest self. I know that the tools & skills that I have been learning with Kim & Tara are going to help me for the rest of my life."


Lonna's Testimonial

"Kim & Tara have changed my life in more ways than one. The lessons I am learning are lifelong tools that I am incorporating into my life. The mindfulness exercises really brought light to the important things in my life and a different way to think about things. The meditations have been amazing. I really enjoyed the guest speakers as well. 


My mindset has changed tremendously. My brain is being re-wired to think positive. It’s amazing to see how it all just changes over time without much effort. It all has to do with how you think of things.  That is key. And I know that now. 


My family is shocked how different I am now. I can remain calm in situations and work through things that would’ve sent me over the edge before these lessons. My thinking is so much clearer. It’s mind blowing.  I’m dancing for the first time in over 10 years.