Meet the Soulful Healers Team


I'm Kim, an intuitive, certified Spiritual Life & Empowerment Coach. My purpose in life is to help others shed their limiting beliefs and connect with who they really are at the soul level. Once you are aligned in mind, body, and spirit, you will find you are living a more authentic life filled with passion and purpose.

After beginning my own spiritual journey, I recognized that the life I was living was not aligned with my higher self. I truly thought I loved my life, my job, and that I was living as the most authentic version of me.  Come to find out, I was not happy. I was going through the motions and checking the boxes.

Connecting to myself has brought me complete happiness, throughout all aspects of my life.  I have acknowledged my natural abilities as an intuitive Spiritual Life and Empowerment Coach. I want to use these gifts to help you connect to who you are and guide you to identify your soul's purpose.


I'm Tara, a certified Spiritual Life & Empowerment Coach. My soul's purpose is to help you create calm and balance in order to expand your awareness. I will meet you where you are on your journey and assist you in your own personal growth. 

As a mom struggling to find my "why" outside of family, I am now living "for me" as my authentic self. Embracing my natural gifts and learning to truly love myself has opened my eyes to total happiness.

After beginning my own spiritual journey, I realized that every soul has a purpose. Finding my own purpose has inspired me to help others find theirs. Each one of us is worthy of living our lives in love and light.